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A Little Bit About Dried Flowers for Your Wedding!

Dried flower bouquets can be stunning and elegant
Dried flowers make a great accent at a wedding.

The use of dried flowers or dried florals for special occasions has been in practice for over 4,000 years. Ancient Egyptians used dried floral arrangements at celebration of life ceremonies and would hand pick each stem and flower based on their symbolic meaning.

Choosing to use dried flowers at your upcoming wedding, either for your wedding bouquet or as regular flowers for your wedding, will have more perks than just their uniquely stunning appearance. There are endless benefits to choosing dried florals.

For one, they are far more budget friendly than typical florals and can last you for years with proper care (hence the term "preserved flowers"). With spring upon us, fear of rain and change of weather is inevitable; most dried florals are much sturdier and less susceptible to the elements.

When building your dried floral bouquet or designs, there are many branches other than just your typical flowers, such as hydrangea, limonium, baby’s breath, roses, carnations, and lavender. Also consider using grasses such as pampas, fronds, seed pods, and branches. Other options include greenery like the popular eucalyptus and other plants like artichoke flowers. There are no limits when using dried florals and you are able to curate your perfect wedding bouquet and table designs with the endless possibilities!


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