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Claire + Tim's Wedding Recap!

A wedding recap for Claire and Tim featuring a family-style dinner and beautiful florals.

For this week’s blog, we want to introduce you to a couple that we had the pleasure of working with over the last year, Claire and Tim! Here is the Claire + Tim Wedding Recap!

This special couple got married April 9, 2022 up at Northstar Gatherings in Idaho Springs. When we started working with the couple, Claire told us right away that they wanted a beautiful mountain view, a family style dinner, lots of flowers, and a really lively and fun dance floor. Looking back now, we definitely achieved that and it was a night none of us will ever forget!

@inspireddesignsdenver created the most beautiful florals that embodied springtime– full of peach, yellow, pink and white tones!

@footerscatering crushed the food that night! One of our favorite parts were the starter salads; they were as beautiful as they were delicious. They even fresh flowers on top!

@getdownco kept the vibes high all night and helped end the night with the best dance party ever complete with glow sticks and light up headbands!

Claire and Tim had these fun Glo Cubes that everyone could drop in their drinks at the end of night to add the party! The Glo Cubes were designed by a college friend who is doing sensory work for the autism community! The Glo Clubs change colors as soon as they hit liquid and this has helped many autistic children enjoy bath time!

We loved this wedding and working with Claire and Tim so much! 







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