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Curating Your Wedding Experience with Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding guests let go of red balloons as a unique wedding tribute
Unique wedding ideas will help give you a curated wedding experience!

Your wedding weekend is often one of your biggest celebrations in your life! Creating a full-blown experience is something that makes the occasion extra special for you and your guests.

You can start off your curated experience with unique wedding ideas, such as welcome baskets for your entire guest list. These baskets or bags can include: bottled water, Advil, breath mints, protein bars, an itinerary, and any other specialized goodies that incorporate your venue!

Another way to personalize your wedding weekend is by planning a welcome party/meet and greet for all your guests. Here, everyone can get to know each other before the big day and wedding ceremony and make even more memories on your wedding day. You could do something fun like a bubbly bar with champagne to serve as people arrive and mingle, or a 'get to know the couple' game or trivia throughout the space. This does not have to be at a restaurant with a big price tag - you can opt for a family member's house or just letting your guests know where to meet up!

When it comes to wedding ceremony ideas, small wedding ideas, or wedding reception ideas, think about your two families blending and what traditions you want to keep alive. This can be inspiration for adding extra wedding details into your event (photos of passed relatives, unique decor, or a humorous couples slideshow).

After a long few days of celebrating, having a farewell brunch will be something everyone will love to indulge in. This event can be as casual, fancy, or active! If you’re at a venue in the Colorado mountains, think about doing a camp cookout after a hike or even organize a ski day if you are a winter couple!

Wedding weekends are so full of love and everyone is there to celebrate you. Adding little special touches throughout the entire weekend will be sure to create memories like no other. A curated wedding experience is totally possible!


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Outside of extra wedding details, make sure you know how to plan your day of wedding timeline!


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