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Denver Botanic Gardens: Cailee + Jonathan Wedding Recap

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The beautiful couple, Cailee and Jonathon, celebrate their wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

You’ve heard of progressive dinners hopping from one place to the next, but have you ever heard of a progressive wedding? Check out this special couple highlight featuring this unique and stunning event held at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Summer is the wedding season and there’s no better way to embrace the colorful flowers of the season than to get married in a garden like Cailee and Jonathan! These newlyweds decided to host their special day at the Denver Botanic Gardens, which was incredible. From the lovely string quartet filling the air with songs, the progression through multiple different gardens, and the refreshing colors all around, it was perfection.

Cailee and Jonathan wanted to take their loved ones all over the botanical gardens, so each leg of the wedding consisted of a stroll through a new garden to the next destination. Upon arrival, guests were invited to enjoy the sunny Welcome Garden with a hand-held fan and cold drink. Here they mingled with each other before heading to the Romantic Garden for the ceremony. Guests were guided along a winding path shaded by trees and enhanced by a variety of colorful flowers that opened up to the next garden adorned with flowers.

A beautiful wedding through the Denver Botanic Gardens

After the couple said their “I do’s,” the guided wander to cocktail hour began. Guests walked through the gardens admiring the beauty and arriving at a greenhouse tucked away and shaded by trees. There, they were greeted by a string quartet and invited to relax for a bit in the coolness of the shade before going into the sunshine again. When they felt ready to move on, they passed through more beautiful sights on their way to the Annual Garden where drinks were served.

Guests enjoyed a meal and speeches at the Cailee + Jonathon wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

From the cocktail hour to the reception dinner, guests transitioned from standing and exploring the gardens to finding their seats under the shade in the same garden. There, meals were served, speeches were given, and laughs were had as the sun began to set. To satisfy that post-dinner sweet tooth, guests made their way to the Orangery for tasty treats and photo booths. This outdoor space was embellished with small trees and lovely hanging plants.

The arrangements at the Denver Botanic Gardens wedding were elegant and classy.

As the evening went on, the couple's loved ones were invited to dance their hearts out around the corner to Marnie’s Pavilion. Here they joined the newlyweds moving to the music while surrounded by a small stream and countless plants. At the end of the night, Cailee and Jonathan not only got married surrounded and supported by so many people they loved, but also gave those loved ones a beautiful experience to remember, unlike any other. With a wedding and a walk through breathtaking gardens, what could be better for a summer night?

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