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The Difference Between A Venue Coordinator And A Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner and venue coordinator to ensure all of the details of your wedding go smoothly

Starting your wedding planning journey is often overwhelming and can come with many questions. When you start doing your research, you may see things about venue coordinators vs wedding planners. We will help outline the differences, so you know why exactly you need BOTH!

We always recommend having both a venue coordinator and a wedding planner (also known as a wedding coordinator) to help you out on your special day. This way, you will no doubt have all your bases covered.

As a general rule, the venue coordinator works just at the specific venue and spends the majority of their time making sure the venue stays protected. They help make sure that all the wedding guests are following the rules and that all the vendor arrival times run smoothly. They also will be there before the day begins to help the layout and setup of everything.

Wedding planner’s primary job is to make sure the entire day runs smoothly from

beginning to end. They truly are there to make sure the couple is happy and pleased with every single detail—they are your best friends! There are both full planners and day- of coordinators. Full wedding planners take on more duties than day- of coordinators. They will start working with you several months to a year before your wedding to help understand your personal preferences, budgets and personalities.

You can expect a day-of coordinator to create detailed timelines and floor plans

for the day. They will be there all day to meet and direct vendors when they arrive at the venue. They also will be there to help set up and break down the tables, décor, etc. They also will be there to line up and cue the processional—making sure the timing is perfect. Day of coordinators, like full-service wedding planners, are there to be your best friend and support system. With their help, you won’t have to worry about your family and friends having to jump in and deal with any responsibilities of the day and just to enjoy their time!

Both wedding planners and venue coordinators are integral parts of your wedding day! They are puzzle pieces that will make sure your day goes just how you dreamed.


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