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4 Unique Wedding Venues to Make Your Wedding Extra Magical

Wedding Venue Ideas for Couples

We love thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding planning and unconventional wedding venues are definitely one of those ways! Plus, it's always a fun way to surprise your guests!

Not into the classic ballroom, event center, or reception hall? Here are some other ideas to inspire you!

4 Wedding Venues You Should Consider for Your Upcoming Wedding

Wedding venue idea for couples
Couple ties the knot at a unique wedding venue

1. Galleries and Museums

Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful art serve as the backdrop for their ceremony and reception? Galleries and museums are gaining popularity as one of the most sought after wedding venues, and it’s not hard to see why. Providing a cultural experience on top of a celebration and good food? That’s hard to beat!

Infusing your wedding with color, texture, and culture provides an atmosphere your guests won’t forget, in a place that most would walk past.

Local favorite: Rembrandt Yard

Art gallery wedding venue
Happy couple poses in front of art piece at Rembrandt Yard

2. Restaurants

Mostly thought of for rehearsal dinners, welcome socials, and send-off brunches, restaurants are a unique option. For the culinary couple, bringing your wedding guests to your favorite restaurant or a local haunt gives them a peak into your life and all that the area has to offer.

Additionally, restaurant kitchens are specifically designed to be efficient and function at a high capacity, meaning your dishes are likely warmer and high quality. Though the layout and flow may be a little different than a typical venue, restaurants are great for cocktail style receptions and we love them for their uniqueness, not in spite of it!

Local favorite: Ironton Distillery

Restaurant wedding venue
Gorgeous tablescape at local restaurant, Ironton Distillery

3. Botanic Gardens

Botanic gardens are such a great way to have an outdoor wedding with a little twist. Whether a greenhouse, pavilion, or manicured lawn, botanic gardens offer options and built-in florals/greenery! If you love nature but want the convenience of a (typically) urban location with hotels, restaurants, and transportation abound, botanic gardens should be on your venue list.

Local favorite: Denver Botanic Gardens

Unique wedding venue at the Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens wedding venue

4. Ski Resort

Not everyone’s first thought, but ski resorts can often be sneaky wedding venue contenders. With stunning views, mountain towns, and beautiful landscapes, ski resorts are a personal favorite option. Whether you bring in everything or keep it simple, the locations and views often can’t be beat and leave guests in awe.

Local favorite: Beano’s Cabin

Ski resort wedding venue in Beaver Creek
Stunning outdoor wedding venue atop mountain at local ski resort

Your Dream Wedding Venue

Regardless of where you choose to have your wedding, we are confident you will be happy with it! With so many options out there, you and your guests will be thrilled to celebrate in style!

For other unique venue ideas and inspiration, check out Party slate!


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