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Audrey's Internship Reflection

Event team with Audrey, the intern.
Audrey reflects on her internship with LP Creative Events

This semester has flown by and I have experienced and learned more working with LP Creative than I ever could have dreamed of.

When I wrote my original blog post, I had yet to dive into all things wedding planning and was eager to learn everything I could. I can now say, as we are in the wild beginnings of wedding season, that wedding planning is something I have found a passion for. I have been able to attend client calls, build proposals, and be a part of every step of putting a couple’s special day together! Planning a wedding is a huge process and I have found that we, as a team, truly build a relationship with each couple we work with. Working with couples for months to curate each special detail builds a connection like no other. And I can now say after being able to see everything come together, the wedding day is so rewarding and fulfilling!

Prior to this internship, I had no idea how beautiful the relationships would be that I have made. Not only have a learned and had incredible hands on experience, but I have also built connections with this team and people in the industry that I will forever be grateful for. I am truly pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained in these few short months, and I will forever carry these experiences with me as I continue on my career path and journey! I am so excited to see what’s in store for the future!

- Audrey


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