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From Student To Intern: Audrey's Story

LP Creative Events taught Audrey, the student intern, everything there is to know about event planning in Colorado
Student intern Audrey shares her positive experience at LP Creative Events

Hi all!

I am Audrey and I am currently interning here at LP Creative Events! I have had the unique experience of being able to learn from Loni as a student in a classroom environment to now being able to work alongside her now at her company a year and a half later!

My junior year at CU Boulder, I took Public Relations event planning with Professor P. In this class, as a student, I was able to be introduced to all things event planning and executing. Within the time of the semester, I learned the broad overview of the organization needed to manage event project management. By the end of the semester, I was able to put together all my work into a final event plan!

Now being able to work through the event planning process, I appreciate all the tedious work that is involved in executing a client’s special day. Each and every aspect, from the original consult to the day of- every detail is so carefully thought out and curated. Loni is so passionate about her clients and the entire wedding process. Being able to work with our couples and create their perfect day is so fulfilling and beautiful to me! The organization of it all is like a big beautiful dance and when it all comes together- it is the most incredible feeling!

- Audrey


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