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Wedding Getting Ready Photos With Tips + Ideas!

The best wedding getting ready photos include the bride getting in her dress.

When you are celebrating your special day, getting ready for your wedding with your closest friends and family by your side is so fun. You will want some wedding getting ready pictures taken that capture all the love and anxious excitement! Here are some wedding photo ideas you won’t want to forget!

You will absolutely want pictures of your wedding day outfit before you put it on to say “I do.” Often times while getting ready, you and your wedding crew will be sipping on some coffee to get the energy flowing or some mimosas to get in the party spirit- either way, get some cute pics of the moment. Maybe even grab some pics in your getting ready outfit as well! Some of the most special pictures will be during this time with your best mates!

There are tons of "bride getting ready photos" you could use as inspiration, but my favorites include:

- Bride getting her hair done

- Bride getting her make-up done

- Bride putting on shoes

- Bride reading over vows

After the outfit, your whole wedding day look is made up of so many little details - make sure you capture all of them: the ring, the bouquet, heirlooms or keepsakes, and any jewelry! If you and your partner decide to write each other love letters to read before you meet at the ceremony site, be sure to have your photographer capture this love filled moment, too!

As you finally get to step into your fabulous look, make sure photos are being

snapped. The entire process is so special, so tell your photographer to get pictures of everything, even if they are small - you will be happy to have them in the end!

When it comes to wedding getting ready photos, you really can't go wrong with what is captured. It's all magical!


Professor P

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