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Best Wedding Desserts to Have at Your Wedding

Delicious wedding desserts on a table
Planning your wedding desserts is an important part of wedding planning

I don't know about you, but I think something sweet is a must have on your special day! While large, traditional wedding cakes are always a great idea, couples are finding ways to think outside of the box and leaning towards more bite sized goodies and elegant wedding desserts for their guests. Gotta get back to the dance floor - am I right?

Here are some awesome vendors to check in the Denver area that offer great wedding dessert table options, as well as dessert table options for any event:

The Snowy Churro: They offer awesome small individual churros and treats that include cream and different dipping sauces.

God Save the Cream: They offer fabulous gourmet ice cream in small batches with unique twists and touches.

Shugie Bakeshop: They specialize in cakes, cookies, and custom treats! Their goodies are perfect if you are looking for a small cutting cake and assorted dessert station for your special day!

HipPOPs: They offer delicious and decadent gelato popsicles. Perfect for a summer wedding!

It is important to remember that desserts will cost about $5- $10 (depending on the item(s)) per person and you are looking to feed about 75% of your guest count.

You can really incorporate your desserts into your wedding décor any way you please! You can have a dessert wall (donuts work great for this!), different stands or an elegant wedding dessert table, a dessert charcuterie board, fondue fountains, etc.—the opportunities are endless! Have fun this wedding season and have a sweet time!


Professor P

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