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Wedding Flower Preservation & How to Save Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding flower preservation can keep your special day alive for years to come.

Wedding bouquets are more than a collection of flowers held at the bride's waist; they are incredible works of art that embody the beauty and style of the couple’s special day. They complete the bride’s look and add that extra touch of beauty, but what happens to them after the “I do’s” are said? So much time and money is poured into having the perfect floral arrangement for the day, no one wants all of that to be forgotten or wasted.

But what if that floral masterpiece didn’t need to fade away? What if your wedding bouquet could last a lifetime with you? Several Colorado companies specialize in wedding flower preservation, and here’s what you need to know before your bouquet lasts a lifetime.

Wild Blossoms Floral Design Studio

First of all, the general process is important to know. Most preservation services prefer arrangements to be made prior to your wedding so that your flowers can look the best. A little bit of planning and care needs to be involved so that the flowers are in good condition to be preserved. Exact details like these will depend upon each company, but in general, they recommend an “exit plan” for the bouquets.

Once the flowers get to the expert florist, they generally use two methods to preserve bouquets. Depending on the type of preservation arrangement, the flowers can be pressed flat or dried in silica gel. Pressing the flowers lays the flowers flat to dry while still managing to keep the shape and color intact. Drying flowers in silica gel seems to take a bit longer than pressing them, but the results are well worth the wait! The silica gel allows the flowers to be preserved while keeping their original shape and color. Both methods serve as great options to keep your wedding bouquet lasting a lifetime, so your main choice depends on what type of floral artwork you want to end up with.

There are many varying types of artwork that can be created using your dried wedding bouquet, so it’s important to know a little bit about the options. If you want your flowers to be pressed, places like Flower Press Studio and Wild Blossom Floral Design Studio do an incredible job. With your pressed flowers, they create delicate framed arrangements to easily be hung on walls. Within the realm of pressed florals, an arrangement can be created to overlap in resemblance with the unique bouquet from your wedding day or a deconstructed style that displays the flowers slightly separated creating a beautiful print look. No matter which style you choose, you can rest assured that your wedding flowers will be displayed reflecting the colors and delicate shapes.

Flower Press Studio

Another option to show off your stunning wedding flowers takes advantage of the silica gel drying process. Because these flowers are preserved to keep their original three-dimensional shape, they can create some of the most unique artwork. Places like Colorado Resin Florals can embed your flowers into a wide variety of pieces. Using clear resin, they carefully arrange your flowers to fit into a variety of shapes or objects so that your preserved flowers can be admired at every angle. The last option marries the idea of three-dimensional dried florals with the flat pressed frames florals. Refinery Floral does an incredible job of creating dried floral arrangements in box frames. These pieces pop off the wall a bit more than a regular frame, but they encase the three-dimensional aspects of your flowers. Similar to the pressed and framed arrangements, these flowers can be placed to resemble more of a bouquet shape or if you’re wanting something extra artsy, they can create a new and unique design with your flowers. They can also preserve more than just your bouquet; Refinery Floral has options to create heirloom gifts. This could look like a smaller box-framed arrangement using the groom's boutonniere, or even a small necklace. The options are endless.

Your wedding bouquet doesn’t need to disappear after the “I do’s,” it can last forever with you and your new spouse! With countless incredible options for wedding flower preservation, there is no need to worry about keeping your wedding flowers in prime condition after your wedding.

Now that you have seen some of the potential, there is only one question left: how will you keep your wedding bouquet looking stunning forever with you?


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