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What To Expect At A Final Wedding Walk Through

A final wedding walk through will ease your mind for your wedding day.

Looking for the right questions to ask at your wedding venue at your final meeting? Scheduling a wedding final walk through is so important so you can ask these questions! These meetings usually happen 30-45 days before your wedding, and that means your big day is just weeks away!

We know this meeting can be overwhelming and that you probably have a thousand questions running through your head. We will take you step-by-step of what to expect at a final walk through and some things you will want to add to your checklist for the day.

The folks who should be in attendance at this meeting should be both the bride and groom, the venue coordinator, catering manager, and your wedding planner. You may also have some other vendors come - such as the florist or DJ/band, if they are unfamiliar with the venue space/layout.

Your wedding planner will bring all necessary organizational items; however it never hurts to bring your own notebook and questions too. Sometimes clients bring decor to see in the space as well.

When it comes to questions to ask during a final walk through, make sure you confirm all of the details from start to finish of the event (including timing, access to sound equipment, vendor stations, etc.)

At your final walk through, you can expect to go through the venue with your whole team and discuss final floor plan and make any changes if necessary! You also can expect to finalize timeline, ceremony, reception flow, and final headcounts for catering and tie up any loose ends for your menu selections and rental items. You just want to make sure all the key players have all the information they need.

Now you are all set for your wedding or venue final walk through! You can leave rest assured that your special day will go off without a hitch! Congrats and enjoy the ride!


Professor P

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