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Taken By Nature in Bali: Denver’s First PartySlate Industry Event

Wow what a busy couple of months! After taking some time to reflect, we are still not over the success and fun that was Denver’s first PartySlate industry event!

When LP Creative Events was approached by PartySlate to plan and execute an educational and networking event at Hotel Clio, there wasn’t a doubt in our minds it was a YES!

PartySlate hosted their event at Hotel Clio in Denver

The PartySlate Details

The inspiration started immediately and to quote Loni Peterson, owner of LP Creative Events, “We knew we wanted to showcase 2024 trends of maximalism, nature, and immersion. What is better than stepping in from the cold streets of Denver in January to a tropical oasis?”

Within a few days, an immersive, magical, Balinese inspired atmosphere was


A Balinese atmosphere was created for the PartySlate event

With Hotel Clio providing a beautiful blank slate, delicious food and drinks, and a

team ready to help create this world, we turned to Catering By Design to bring our ideas into a reality. They helped create cozy and inviting spaces for guest to enjoy as well as stunning floral pieces that really captured the beauty of Bali.

Catering By Design provided stunning and delicious food for the PartySlate event

We can’t forget to mention the sheer quantity of plants they brought in to transform the entrance into a jungle path that beckons you in from the second you walk by the space.

With lighting from Six Productions and an aroma personalized, by ScentEx, guests were transported to Southeast Asia.

Lighting from Six Productions and aroma from ScentEx

To enhance the atmosphere and touch on all of our guest’s senses, Good Musicians curated a beautiful musical story that followed guests around the room…literally. With an acoustic guitarist in the lobby and roaming musicians greeting guests and moving throughout the space, it was a truly personalized experience.

Music for the PartySlate event was provided by Good Musicians

Not only wanting to give guests an experience at the event, we prioritized giving

them a memory to take home. With MiHi creating a custom photo backdrop and providing their always high-quality photo experience, we were determined to add another element.

After some thinking, it finally clicked - Ars Poetica! What better way to provide a unique experience than a personalized poem? With a talent that most people envy, Ars Poetica took guest ideas and wrote individualized poems on their vintage typewriters. This was a hit, with most guests coming back multiple times to see what beautiful words would be written just for them.

Ars Poetica provided a custom keepsake for guests

The Takeaway

We are so honored to be a part of this event and truly could not have completed it

without the help of all the amazing vendor relationships we have built throughout the years.

This event is one we will be dreaming about for a long time and we look forward to creating more memories, experiences, and stunning events for our clients and fellow industry professionals.

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