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Boulder Wedding Showcase: From Taboo to You do You

Wondering how to talk about the hard topics when it comes to wedding planning? We want to help! When asked to speak at the Boulder Wedding Showcase along with Tirzah Stein, we knew we couldn’t shy away from the nitty gritty.

LP Creative Events Presents at the Boulder Wedding Showcase

The Boulder Wedding Showcase featured an educational panel and vendors
Boulder Wedding Showcase Event

Having to make tough decisions regarding your wedding day can be overwhelming, and we want to help ease that stress! We shared these tips and tricks recently at the Boulder Wedding Showcase event. Read on to learn how to have the day of your dreams!

1) You’re Not a Bridezilla, You Just Have Boundaries

Why do we still hear this term so often? Doesn’t it just feel so toxic and negative?

Setting boundaries is important in everyday life, but even more so on your

wedding day! With so many opinions coming from friends, family, and vendors, it

is crucial to be assertive and make sure your opinions as the ones getting married

do not disappear. What was once viewed as bossy or bitchy, we want to reframe

and help you find confidence in putting your foot down and proudly saying “I am

not a Bridezilla, I just have boundaries”!

2) Setting Boundaries

But many of you are thinking, how do I start and how do I stand my ground when

there are strings attached? Many couples get financial assistance from family, and

while this is amazing, it usually comes with unwanted opinions and expectations.

The first thing to do is have a conversation with your fiancé and make sure the

two of you are on the same page. This will make it much easier to stand up to

those outside opinions.

Next, have a conversation with your loved one about their financial support. It is important here to let them know you acknowledge their desire to help and appreciate it. This will go a long way towards compromise.

Finally, be clear about the boundary you want to set. With financial strings, we

suggest maybe the money from your mother (which comes with opinions about

the design) means that she is involved with the flower decisions. Or your father

who has opinions and expectations about the food gets to be involved with the

catering for the rehearsal dinner. Channeling some of these opinions into specific

activities or decisions helps your family feel involved while still letting you set

boundaries about what you want.

3) Say NO to being “the host with the most” on your wedding day

When attending your own wedding you should feel like the guest of honor! This is

your day, and you should enjoy it!

First things first, give yourself time to plan. The process is complicated and allowing time to make decisions can help you to trust that your vendors have things handled!

Time is so crucial, but the real trick? Lean on your wedding planner! We are here

to help you, answer questions, and intervene when issues arise. I know your initial

reaction is to fix the problem in front of you or make sure the plans you put in

place are being completed, but that’s why we are here! Having a strong and open

relationship with you wedding planner is one of the best ways to ease that

wedding day stress and provide you the support and comfort needed to relax.

4) Why “It’s the Brides Day” Needs to Go Away

First, this term is so problematic and outdated. We all know this. Secondly, a

wedding is a celebration of both people joining in marriage! The rest of your life is

a partnership, so wedding planning should be too!

This idea that one person is making all the decisions perpetuates the message that both people don’t get a say in such an important day. Not only does making joint decisions help build connection, but it helps with stress! Ensuring that both partners are equally involved makes the process more special and less exhausting.

5) Remember the fun!

The wedding planning process can be overwhelming, we fully understand that. But, it can also be fun! We don’t want you to dread going into a cake tasting or be drained from choosing flowers. These decisions can be fun as long as you choose to make them fun!

We often suggest making planning days/decisions into a date night. By making choices in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, you enjoy more of the process.

We also recommend taking time to step back from planning. We suggested you give yourself enough time to plan a wedding, and this is why!

Decision fatigue is real, and it is important to stop, celebrate what you have planned so far, and give yourself a break to relax and recharge so you can soak in the enjoyment of being engaged.

A table design at the Boulder Wedding Showcase

What You Really Need

While these tips are a great start, there is really no substitute for a wedding planner! The knowledge, experience, and expertise of a planner are unmatched and make a massive difference in helping you have a stress-free wedding.

We love sharing the true difference a professional planner can make for your wedding day and love to speak about ways to make this planning journey and enjoyable one! Want to keep chatting about how we can be your wedding planning BFF? Reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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