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How to Arrange the Perfect First Look on Your Wedding Day

Couple enjoys a touching first look moment on their wedding day.

Picture this: You’re walking down the aisle on your wedding day and your future spouse lays eyes on you for the first time, not just that day, but ever! It’s crazy to think, but that’s how most marriages happened way back in the day because they were primarily arranged and not born out of love. Keeping the couple separate was a “ploy” if you will, to ensure that looks would not play a role in the joining of the two families.

Thankfully, today most marriages are a result of love and passion for one another and the couple has spent a lot of time together. That being said, should you follow tradition (in a sense) and see your future spouse at the other end of the aisle for the first time that day, or would you opt for a shared moment prior to the ceremony to see each other on such a momentous day?

First looks before the wedding ceremony have become increasingly popular in recent years, though some people still argue for the old-fashioned way. There is a certain magic that comes along when the groom looks up and sees his beautiful bride appear at the other end of the aisle for the first time that day. Imagine his heart beating faster and faster with every step she takes towards him. And what a beautiful sight it is for the guests of the beloved couple to witness so much emotion on both of their faces. In standing with tradition, everyone gets to be a part of that special moment and anticipation.

Couple shares a classic "first look" on their wedding day in Colorado.

On the other hand, there is also a magic, though a different kind, that comes with seeing your future spouse before walking down the aisle. That first moment, locking eyes, gives space for emotions to fly freely with no expectations. Often, there can be a little pressure for the groom to react a certain way or even to cry in some cases, but a first look can provide a safe space for the couple to express their feelings and shared excitement away from others.

Not only does a wedding first look give room for all the feels to be expressed freely, but it also gives the couple more time; time to spend together and time for pictures prior to the ceremony. The wedding day is really for the couple, so doesn’t it make sense for them to get to spend more of the day together? If the couple does a first look in the morning, they could have extra hours together. Not only would they get to spend more time together, but they could use some of that time to take wedding photos. Typically the photos of the wedding party, family, and other friends after the ceremony and during cocktail hour, meaning that the newly-weds miss that time to drink and socialize with all the people who made their way to their wedding (not to mention the fact that good money was spent on that time with drinks and appetizers, so it would be nice for the married couple to enjoy it). Taking photos earlier allows time to be optimized for the couples enjoyment in the end, and if some photos still need to be taken after the ceremony, there is still possibility for that!

A couple will look back on their wedding day and remember fondly their "first look".

In the end, there is a lot to think about in regards to first looks. Will tradition hold more weight in your decision? Or will you follow the trends and allow added time with your spouse to be the deciding factor?

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