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Is a Wedding Weekend Right for Me?

Reasons to Have a Wedding Weekend

Why to have a wedding weekend
Couple enjoys their beautiful ceremony and wedding weekend of celebration

With all the wedding planners out there and a million packages to choose from, we know it can be hard to decide if a wedding weekend or just one day of celebration is the best choice for you and your soon-to-be spouse. But before making that choice, it's best to truly identify what a wedding weekend is, and how to know if it’s right for you.

What is a Wedding Weekend

Wedding weekends have been on the rise lately and we are thrilled! But how are they different than any other wedding celebration? The largest defining factors are more time dedicated to celebrating and complimentary/optional activities for guests to attend outside of the main ceremony. These additions change a traditional one-day wedding into a three- or four-day celebration!

Many people enjoy spreading out the celebration, but others feel that it can be overwhelming to plan. We are supportive of the couple regardless, but if you're wondering why we WOULD recommend a full wedding weekend of celebrations, read these reasons below!

3 Reasons to Commit to a Full Wedding Weekend

Couple's wedding ceremony during a wedding weekend
Reasons to commit to a full wedding weekend

Reason #1: One Day is Not Enough

With guest traveling from all over to attend your wedding, why enjoy the company for just one night when you can spend more time together with your loved ones?

Yes, there’s typically a rehearsal dinner, welcome social, or send-off brunch, but why not take advantage of the whole weekend with additional activities!

Whether sipping wine in the afternoon, hosting a BBQ, or simply adding another day with your favorite people, we are happy to help you plan the perfect multi-day wedding event full of fun and celebrating the happy couple! If you want to take advantage of every second, than a wedding weekend is definitely for you.

Reason #2: Adventure is Your Middle Name

Looking to think outside the box or push the limits of what a wedding can be? Then a whole wedding weekend gives you every opportunity to show your guests something (or somewhere) different.

Adding extra activities/events like a couple days of camping in the Rocky Mountains, pre-wedding winery tours in California, or a boat tour on Lake Como lets you and your guests experience new things together! Not to mention, it makes for a very memorable time!

Wedding weekend celebrations
Wedding guests enjoying the wedding celebration over a long weekend

Reason #3: You Want Some Extra Help

Whether you could use the help of attending guests to execute on wedding details, or you need the bridal party to be a part of more events before or after (such as a bachelorette or bachelor party, etc.) using a full wedding weekend to take advantage of extra hands is a great reason to make your wedding a full weekend experience.

We know that life can get busy, so why not let us take care of the intricate wedding details for you. Running wedding errands? Check! DIY reception projects? We’ll bring our hammer. Welcome bags need stuffing? We’ve got you covered! You could have family and friends help with these, but why not them enjoy the festivities with you? After all, that’s why you invited them!

Helping You Celebrate All Weekend Long

Still not sure if a full wedding weekend is for you? Reach out! We would love to talk about bringing your wedding weekend dreams into reality!

Wedding dance party
Wedding dance party at an all-weekend long wedding celebration

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