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5 Best Fall Wedding Trends 2023

When it comes to seasons, fall just has a way of showing off. From the colorful changing leaves to the welcomed crisp air after a hot summer, we are all about it!

But outside of the traditional fall changes being enjoyable, a fall wedding takes the cake for us. There are countless reasons that a fall wedding is one of our favorites, but we’ve especially been loving the fall wedding trends that have emerged over the years. From decor colors to stylish dresses, we swoon over the details.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to an upcoming fall wedding, we’ve got 5 incredible trends to share with you that you are going to want to adopt immediately. Not only will they make your wedding more iconic and festive, they are jaw-dropping and memorable. Buckle up!

Bridal party stands in a field, dressed in one of the best fall wedding trends

5 Unique Fall Wedding Trends

1. Infusing Natural Fall Colors Everywhere

This one may be obvious, but that’s why it’s at the top of the list. Infusing fall colors throughout your wedding is the best fall wedding trend to adopt! No one hates the beautiful combination of reds, oranges, blushes, and yellows when done right. The blend is naturalistic and warm, making pictures and guests feel so cozy!

If you’re wondering where to infuse these colors, here’s a great list to start with:

  • Bridesmaid dresses

  • Groomsmen ties

  • Table runners

  • Bouquets / boutonnieres / flower crowns

  • Jewelry

  • Chair covers

  • Ribbons

  • Tablescapes

2. A Venue in the Mountains

What better way to show off the season than being surrounded by the trees that perfectly show it off?! A mountain-venue wedding is incredibly gorgeous and especially fun to feel tucked away on your special day.

Consider looking at venues that offer quiet ceremony spaces with trees surrounding them. This really speaks to the season and the intimacy of a mountain wedding!

Most mountain wedding venues offer cabins, lodges, or large reception halls that work perfectly for hosting a ceremony and / or reception. Even if hosting weddings isn’t their traditional purpose, it never hurts to explore your options!

Couple poses in the mountains for their fall wedding

3. Use Fallen Leaves

When we mentioned infusing fall colors everywhere, we were referring to the colors themselves being a part of the wedding theme. Now we’re referring to actual leaves being incorporated into the decor!

You could use fallen leaves instead of flowers for the flower girls to drop down the isle. You could also sprinkle fallen leaves as table decor, across a mantle, or even down a staircase. The possibilities are endless and are especially stunning in a fall wedding!

4. Time Your Wedding Perfectly

Of course we understand dealing with availability and budget, but an ideal fall wedding will hit all of the colors and temperature perfectly.

If you live in Colorado, you know that we can easily get 3 feet of snow in September OR 70 degrees and sunny. However, the best time to have a fall wedding in Colorado is definitely early October. At this point, the leaves have fully changed AND you’re most likely to get a warm weekend. Past October and it’s a gamble on the warm weather and full trees.

5. Eat Cozy Fall Foods

Yes, soup season is our favorite. But that doesn’t mean it can’t make for a great food choice for a fall wedding!

By including typical fall foods into your wedding meals, you will help your guests feel warm and cozy. You just can’t help it when you’re eating soup and bread and drinking cider!

A few fall food ideas that work great for weddings include:

  • Apple salads

  • Squash soups

  • Potato dishes

  • Chicken entrees

  • Stuffing

  • Pies

Are you inspired by this list of fall wedding trends? We hope these unique ideas give you a warm, snug vibe, perfect for celebrating two people in love!

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