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A Cover Ready Couple: Haley and Austin's Vail Wedding

Newly wedded couple takes photos during their stunning Vail wedding in the Colorado mountains

My goodness, where to start! We are over the moon to see Haley and Austin on the cover of RMB this month (pre-order your copy HERE!) This wedding was a dream to work on and it looks magnificent through the lens of John Moler Photography. Definitely ranks as one of our favorite Vail weddings.

Chic Black & White Vail Colorado Wedding

With a modern, luxurious backdrop of The Westin Riverfront Resort and romantic white florals throughout the event, Haley and Austin’s black and white wedding was a triumph. Dressed in a classic black tux and timeless white gown, our couple enjoyed a first look next to the river. After a quick trip down the aisle, heartfelt vows, and a picturesque dip, it was time for guests to partake in conversation and canapes on the Riverside Terrace. 

Bride and groom exchange rings during their magical Vail wedding

Stealing away for some breathtaking portraits and moments in the rain, Haley and Austin enjoyed every second of being officially married. With rolling clouds and soft green hills, mother nature took a backseat to the stars of the show. John Moler recorded every dreamy second and truly captured the simple yet stunning beauty of the location and couple. 

A Reception Amongst the Forest Trees

A short walk to the reception and guests were greeted by an ethereal space adorned with candles, white roses, and florals cascading from the ceiling. After enjoying dinner, first dances, and cake, the lights went down and the music came up! Dancing lasted into the night, with many guests enjoying flip flops provided by Haley and Austin.

We truly can’t say enough about this magical Vail wedding. It is always such a pleasure to be ensconced in the forests, mountains, and views that Colorado has to offer, making it easily one of the best wedding locations.


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