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From Monochromatic to Maximalist: Our Favorite Design Moments

When it comes to color schemes, floral design, and décor for your wedding, it can be hard to know where to start. We thought it would be helpful to show you a variety of wedding combinations that we think were done perfectly. Check these out!

Top 5 Wedding Design Moments

1. Green is the New Black!

Green and white wedding design moment
Gorgeous green against white snow wedding

At least that’s what Stephanie and Kevin thought when deciding on design. By using a small number of blooms and turning up the greenery, they were able to flip the script and let the greenery shine against the white winter snow. 

2. Go Big and Bold!

Bold wedding bouquet
Gorgeous bold florals in a stunning wedding bouquet

Abby and Scott decided to break with tradition and push the color boundaries! By adding bold reds, deep greens, and rich yellows, they brought color to the forefront of their stunning wedding! We know it can be hard to commit to color, but with the right vendors and décor, it can make an impact your guests won’t soon forget! 

3. Bring the Outside In

Beautiful wedding cake with touches of greenery
Wedding cake adorned with greenery

Bring the outside in with over-the-top greenery! On the cake, hanging from the ceiling, enveloping the band, everywhere! Kayla and Josh wanted to soak in as much nature as possible by incorporating it into every aspect of their wedding.

Greenery from ceiling
Hanging greenery makes for a perfect wedding design moment

A ground arch let the view shine at the ceremony, while hanging greenery and an assortment of tablescapes brought beautiful green and white florals into the tent. 

4. Go Unconventional

A wedding design moment including fun cups and napkins
Fun goblets and napkins add to your wedding design

If you are looking to really make a splash, an unconventional color palette is sure to do the trick! Vibrant blue goblets and bright maroon napkins created a happy, colorful contrast to the beautifully natural venue. By having fun with color, Casey and Spencer created a unique aesthetic!

5. Think Beyond Centerpieces

Glass vessels and greenery
Beautiful wedding moment featuring glass vessels and greenery

Why let all the centerpieces have the fun? Sheila and Ryan decided to go for something unconventional by bringing in freestanding structures adorned with greenery and floating glass vessels filled with candles. When paired with simple table décor, the beautiful instillations transformed the space. 


Not sure how to incorporate your favorite colors and choose the perfect décor? We can help! Let us know how we can help make your perfect wedding aesthetic a reality! 

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